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Psychiatric Unit providers as a group are made up primarily of business entities and/or provider groups. Generally, the Psychiatric Unit specialty is fairly evenly split between males and females with 46% of providers reporting their gender as male and 53% reporting as female. People living in California, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Illinois enjoy living in one of the 5 most popular states/territories where Psychiatric Unit providers practice. In all, there are 2,613 registered Psychiatric Unit providers in the United States with over 259 of those located in California alone while around 188 chose to practice in New York.
Psychiatric Unit providers have been assigned the 273R00000X taxonomy code in the NPI registry, which is a Level II Classification. Click here for more information about medical specialty types.

Overall, Psychiatric Unit specialists practice in 54 different states/territories.

Psychiatric Unit

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In general, a distinct unit of a hospital that provides acute or long-term care to emotionally disturbed patients, including patients admitted for diagnosis and those admitted for treatment of psychiatric problems on the basis of physicians? orders and approved nursing care plans. Long-term care may include intensive supervision to the chronically mentally ill, mentally disordered or other mentally incompetent persons; (2) For Medicare, a distinct part of a general acute care hospital admitting only patients whose admission to the unit is required for active treatment, whose treatment is of an intensity that can be provided only in an inpatient hospital setting, and whose condition is described by a psychiatric principal diagnosis contained in the Third Edition of the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual or in Chapter 5 (Mental Disorders) of the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM). The unit must furnis

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