Case Manager/Care Coordinator
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The Case Manager/Care Coordinator specialty is generally very female-friendly with a large majority (77%) of providers reporting as female compared to only 22% reporting as male. People living in California, Tennessee, New York, Florida, and Arkansas enjoy living in one of the 5 most popular states/territories where Case Manager/Care Coordinator providers practice. In all, there are 60,975 registered Case Manager/Care Coordinator providers in the United States with over 11,931 of those located in California alone while around 3,720 chose to practice in Tennessee.
Case Manager/Care Coordinator providers have been assigned the 171M00000X taxonomy code in the NPI registry, which is a Level II Classification. Click here for more information about medical specialty types.

Overall, Case Manager/Care Coordinator specialists practice in 57 different states/territories.

Case Manager/Care Coordinator

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A person who provides case management services and assists an individual in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and/or other services. The person has the ability to provide an assessment and review of completed plan of care on a periodic basis. This person is also able to take collaborative action to coordinate the services with other providers and monitor the enrollee?s progress toward the cost-effective achievement of objectives specified in the plan of care. Credentials may vary from an experience in the fields of psychology, social work, rehabilitation, nursing or a closely related human service field, to a related Assoc of Arts Degree or to nursing credentials. Some states may require certification in case management.

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